A Couple of No-Brainers

It’s hot!  If you hadn’t noticed that, either you don’t live in the lower 48 states, or you simply aren’t paying attention.  The dog days have arrived early.  This is the fourth major heat wave this summer; we’re going deaf from the crash of breaking records all around.  So here’s no-brainer number one:  stay indoors when possible, drink lots and lots of fluids (preferably over ice), take a nice cool shower every chance you get, and pray for rain.

Then again, sometimes you have to go out, like it or not.  I had to pick up my car from the mechanic today.  As long as I was going out anyway, I figured I’d go to the hardware store, too.

I needed to go to the hardware store because a Certain Dog (I’ll name no names, but you know who I mean), a Certain Dog has learned that he can shove his black nose right out through the screen in the back door with no damage to the nose.  Of course it does remove the spline and the mesh, and let in all the flies and mosquitoes, but as far as he’s concerned that’s irrelevant. 

It wouldn’t bother me quite so much except that he did this same thing about six weeks ago and I had to pay $25 for the repair.  So I looked on-line, and sure enough there are several blogs and tutorials explaining how to fix it yourself.  Finding the right tool is a little trickier.  It’s “in any hardware store” except of course those that don’t have it, which is most of them.  And I’m not surprised; after all, they’re collecting $25 a pop to have you bring it in….But I found it at Lowe’s, and paid $3.24, IL tax included, for my very own spline insertion roller.  So from here on out, whenever the dog gets nosy with the screen, I’ll fix it myself.  If it’s not too difficult, I may even offer my services, perhaps for only $20, and laugh all the way to the bank.  And that’s a real no-brainer.

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